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Re: 1/1 overheating UPDATE--it's NOT the hose! The plastic side of the radiator is cracked or has a small hole in it!

Not much going on at work today, so the shop gofer "heard" that I was poking around for suggestions from other coworkers about my "plight". We went out to the parking lot, I started the car, and he looked at the hose connection. He saw coolant coming out, but the bottom of the hose connection was dry. The "ridge" BELOW the one below the hose connect was seeping a bit.
Got a former coworker to come out next week with a new replacement (hope they don't plan to steal a car to get a radiator...heard a story years ago from a former Jersey body shop owner who "witnessed" his transaction on that path...) I should be out no more than $200, P+L.

Have to find a new day to early vote at home. 350+ mile trip tomorrow. And I should probably miss the NHRA races at the Texas Motorplex this weekend (approx 170 mile round trip if I skip[ the vote ride). Unless I carry a case or two of coolant (and what IF the leak gets WORSE?!?)

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