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Depends on when you got it -

No one connected to the enterprise thought we would still be at it this many years down the road... we are going on 17 now (I think) seems like yesterday.

The first batch of Valiants came straight from a promo (yes, we blew a very nice one apart) with whatever the original issues were. Primary idea was to replace a busted body (if you had one) or build a nice curbside.

The second batch was a few years later. Unfortunately, we didn't keep records, and I never got one of either release. Might have been corrected by one of our ne'er do well friends, like Jeff Ballard. I couldn't tell you the difference at gunpoint, but am told that it was better than the AMT.

We gave a few away to some Valiant builders, but they never got built or displayed, sorry to say.

If you hit me OTB with a pic, I'll get it on the coffee table at the shop and see who knows what.

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