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Your memory is correct, Ronnie. I had one . . .

Salesman friend of mine helped. Had everything except the certified speedometer.
Interesting thing, I bought it to work for a sheriff's department that required deputies to provide their own cars. But, it wasn't going to be titled to a public agency, so I had to do without the certified speedometer. Didn't matter much, the OEM speedometer was just as accurate.

I had a ball with that car. It outran everything in our "fleet" (cars all the other deputies had, including surplussed State Patrol police package Mopars.
Chase? No problem.

I got a kick out of hot dogs who'd laugh at the little compact car with lights, sirens, and stars . . . until they'd show off their hot rides. They seemed to believe there was no way that little Chebby could catch them without breaking a sweat.

It was fun -- like driving a go-cart with fenders.

Unfortunately, within a few months various insurance companies (including mine) caught on and stopped writing coverage for personally-owned policey cars. They also pressured the County and suddenly we were in the county-owned fleet realm. Nothing I drove after that was as much fun. The closest was a '78 Fury that our fleet guy super-tuned for me for use on Pikes Peak. That was a ride.

After that it was underpowered barges.

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