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The RCMP blue Caprice was a Canada Issue only. It is extremely rare as there probably was not as many were made. It only had a single Bubble Gum roof light and the stop police fender mounted light. These Police parts were in other issues of the Caprice...more

Not sure if there was a regular 73 Caprice kit also or only this version. 1973 was a Centennial year for the RCMP so this kit was probably made for this. Not sure if these were available at any hobby shop or special order. The RCMP decals included were from the wrong era and never were the right ones and not that great as the 2 images never lined up properly. In Canada I think the kits were produced or imported by General Mills. I know for sure that the 73's and possibly the 72's came in boxes that opened on the ends and were not like the normal 2 part model boxes, another Canada only, not sure of the other year Caprices were in those style of boxes. As far as I know there were no 2 dr marked units in 1:1, all 4 drs.

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