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I said earlier that RC2 told me they had located the very elaborate tool that produced the '68 through '72 Chevys and they wanted to know all those kit numbers and which ones I thought would be the best to reissue. That must have been in...

...1998. Here's my initial reply to them:

'68 Hardtop - 368
'68 Convertible - 468
'69 Hardtop - 369
'69 Convertible - 469
'70 Hardtop - 370
'70 Convertible - 624
'71 Hardtop - 1-7103
'71 Convertible - promo only
'72 Hardtop - 1-7203

The '68's included a car trailer, but it's really not necessary now because the same trailer is in the upcoming '76 Chevy Caprice kit.

All of these cars included all of the stock parts as well as an array of custom parts.

You referred to the #469 as a bubble top car. The bubble top is a custom option (not a very realistic one), and it can also be built stock.

The MPC '70 hardtop is not needed because the AMT version of the same car is currently available.

The #624 '70 Convertible was called "The Bat Machine" and was molded in glow-in-the-dark plastic and included some "bat" parts, but it could also be built stock. It was in no way, shape or form a tie-in to the Batmobile or any Batman movie. A photo of the MPC flier follows.

The '71 convertible would be a great one to do since it was never produced as a kit, only as a promo.

The '72 kit was pre-painted metallic blue, but most people these days would prefer kits not be pre-painted, and it would just add to the cost.

Every one would be a very desirable kit and would be a great seller, and each year is different enough from the others that it shouldn't matter if some were available concurrently. The only similarities are between hardtops and convertibles of the same year, and the '71 and '72 are similar. If I had to pick one as being better than the rest it would be the '68 hardtop."

I had also mentioned that the '73 was similar to the '72, but they insisted that that was a different tool.

In a later note I told them that the ’68 and ’69 hardtops and ’71 convert (in that order) were the most important, but that there were several other good ones in there as well. As it turns out, there wasn't enough there or usable to do any of them. I fought for it again later, and also presented the idea and all the earlier correspondence to John after Tom Lowe (Round 2) took over, but he, too, said there wasn't much there to work with. I persisted, saying if there was ANYTHING there to work with it would be worth their while to spend a few bucks and make it happen, but they never pursued it.

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