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Actually, she worked for Ertl, which was before this. Not sure what she actually did. After Tom Haverland and Tom Walsh were both let go JoAnn Kramer called and our extensive efforts were quite productive, as we came up with...

...a number of kits that made it to production including the Modified Stockers, Ramchargers dragster, Hemi Under Glass, and others. She was let go before the HUG and others made it to production, but the HUG was ready to go when Dave convinced RC2 to do a run of it for him. JoAnn checked on many other kits that I suggested too but they needed work, couldn't be found, or that they didn't know how to put the parts together again on that had been separated for other kits, especially on funny cars and dragsters. Luckily, Cheryl at RC2 spent the time to go through those kits with Dave and they managed to re-unite the correct parts for many of the kits that the Ertl crew didn't want to spend the time to figure out.

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