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1950 Buick 4 Door Sedan by Jaymar Resin (PICS)

For me the 1950 Buick has the most awesome grille and bumper front end of the 50s. So i tried to get the very rare and unknown Jaymar resin kit of this model.
Once a day one copy appeard in Ebay Australia. I bought it for less than 60 Euros and waited for it to come. The first time i saw the the 3 piece
kit (a body and two bumpers) i was shocked. The whole body and the two bumpers seemed to me a recast of the crude old pot metal promo.
What to do now? Throw away or put a lot of work in that chunk. I decided to go the second way. Days of filling and sanding have gone back then.
All the lacking parts have been completed from Modelhaus 49 Buick parts which i modified to the 50 modelyear. This was one of my longest model
projects but i think it was worth it. Some of you maybe know it already because i posted it years ago. The first two pics are the mock up and the paint job.
Oliver from Germany

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