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Re: Terry, the Toko kit is about two decades old. HobbyBoss and MiniArt have much better kits...

that are also in 1/35th scale.

The MiniArt kit, like all of theirs, is over-engineered. As in separately molded headlight wiring! Other truck kit of there has separate spark plugs. I kid you not. The Toko kits are OK, but a bit on the crude side.

Here's what I did these two kits:
HobbyBoss; built stock except for the ice box, which was a Ford-built option

MiniArt. Also built stock except for the dump body, which was modified from the cargo box. Unused cat litter makes for the load of stones. This kit was a PITA to assemble, especially the aftermarket Timkin tandem rear suspension.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I have bought the MiniArt Model AA bus kit, because it looks so cool. I plan on building that for my wife as a school bus that ran in my father-in-law's town during the Depression, when he was a kid in Indiana.

Here's what you can do in 1/25th scale, by converting the Revell '30 Model A Ford sedan delivery.

Side note: At one point about 30 years ago, there were THREE '30 Model A pickup kits done in resin, by R&R Vacuumcraft, SJS and R&D Unique. I had review copies of all three and each was unique. Yet each of the casters believed the other two repopped his work, and they hated each other like poison!

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