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O/T:We took the Mustang II out today..... *PIC*

I got around to checking out the Mustang II today after our snow 'storm'. I wanted my wife to drive it and make sure she liked it before we go further......I had others that wanted it if she didn't like it. It drove really well.....went and put gas in it.....was on fumes. Gas gauge works! I checked things like brake lights and back up lights....everything I checked worked! We took her home as we do not have it registered yet! I decided to put a carb air cleaner rod as it was missing......dropped a nut down the carb....done for the day.....getting cold and dark....a STUPID rookie mistake!! Mad at myself.

This is the 2nd car I have bought over the net never having seen in person. And this is the 2nd GREAT deal I have gotten.....better stop now.....2 out of 2 is not going to keep happening!

Wife has decided on a paint scheme....we are going to replicate a Mustang II Stallion scheme. The photo show what we will follow.....on a notchback rather than fastback, but Ford made Stallions in both body styles. Ford Lipstip Red and Ford black. I will have to custom cut the 'Stallion' logos and we will find better wheels. Thanks for looking!

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