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First one finished for the

Latest issue of the AMT '71 Duster. Built pretty much kit. I did add Fireball resin carbs and manifold which presented some minor issues. I believe the resin is more to scale than the kit pieces. I think they shrunk the kit pieces so the hood would fit. With the resin pieces and the (reworked) kit air cleaner the kit hood doesn't fit. So the air cleaner isn't glued on. The resin hood is from either Harts Parts or Southern Motorsports Hobbies. AMT goofed a tiny bit with the engine hot water hoses. There is a small hose that goes from the front cover to the manifold. AMT didn't do this at all. So I had to put hoses where they are supposed to be. And because the carbs and manifold are taller I had to rework the A.C. unit to fit. My Duster body was ever so slightly warped and I thought I had it all fixed but during final assembly I found out otherwise. Fun times (NOT)! Paint is all Tamiya. Pure White body with a gloss black painted roof. The hood(s) and blacked out areas are Matt Black. Interior is Tamiya Bright Orange, and yes that was a stock option! Comments welcome!

Almost forgot! The door handles are resin from Fireball. And I noticed I forgot to foil the side window trim. Guess I gotta break out my Molotow pen and fix that! And I stole the two speed wiper motor from the Revel '70 'cuda.

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