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I got sa mechsanical engineering degree in 1975

Now that degree prepares you primarily as a "design engineer".
I did no design however but was a project manager for companies in plant maintenance and construction. I spent my first years in the offshore construction industry until '79 when the offshore industry had a major downturn in new platforms.
I then worked as a project engineer at the Micoud Assy. facility in New Orleans, where the Space shuttle external tank was manufactured, I had many projects in refurbishing the overhead crane systems. It was there that desktop computers began showing up. I knew I needed to keep up, so we bought our first computer from Sears, a 256k RAM, and two 5-1/4 floppy drives. I sold Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury at a dealership in Slidell. La. for two years, then Nissan for a year. I met a computer guy and started programming and a friend told me a hospital in New Orleans needed a programmer/network manager, I spent three years at Tpuro Infirmary in New Orleans, a co-worker left then she contacted me about a company needing someone to do program changes to an application at the Michoud Facility. The position was good, I joined that company, "Affiliated Computer Services" and it turned out to be my best move, I had excellent disability insurance and my salary was good, I started there in '99, in '01 just as I had a new assignment that was going to have me all over Louisiana to all of the Army Corps of engineers sites, I had been to only one site when I survived several strokes in Jan. '01, I was 58 yrs. old and the disability paid me 60% of my salary to age 65, which let us pay out our mortgages, all other debt and that's my story.

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