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Second build of 2020. Also Toyota..... (PICS)

(Remembered the PICS in the subject line this time - haven't forgotten that in years!)

This one's a Corolla Levin GT Apex with Super Strut Suspension. Really. Would I make this up?
This was the top performance Corolla from the AE100 series of 1993-5.

Not something I would normally have bought, but it was being remaindered out and my son got it for me for my birthday a few years back.
Time it got its turn on the bench..

An old Hasegawa kit, the shape seems spot-on, but it suffers from very shallow panel lines.
My build suffered further from my misguided attempts to deepen them (!).
Chassis detail looks good though.

Hasegawa kits are much better these days.

(Polish residue never seems to show up except on the screen! Please excuse. At least it wasn't cat fur this time!)

Beaten up a bit underneath. It just seemed that sort of car.

Thanks for looking,

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