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Here's the whole story regarding the Subaru Brat production as well as other "Made in USA" kits…

I wrote in part:

The Subaru Brat says "Made in Kalkaska" on the bottom of the bed, although it says made in China on the box. So... which is it? I know some of the old Lindberg kits may have been re-boxed kits that were made in Kalkaska and you acquired them in the Lindberg accusation. But the MPC Chrysler boat and the Stroker McGurk kits also say they were made in Kalkaska, and these are tools that probably never went to China in the early 2000's as there would have been no desire to run them at that time. George Totiff's plant in Kalkaska ended production long ago, but Northpointe Plastics/JK Manufacturing is in that building today, so are you using them to run those MPC kits? It does seem like small runs would be cheaper to make here than sending those tools to China.

The answer:

Regarding the Subaru Brat, the answer is “both”. The main plastic parts were produced at JK Manufacturing/Northpointe Plastics. The packaging, printed materials, clear parts and tires were produced in China by our main factory and shipped to JK for final packing. The box art should probably have said Made in USA but that wouldn’t be fully accurate, either.

You are correct, the MPC Chrysler Boat, Stroker kits and a number of others were all produced via JK/Northpointe to save the cost of shipping the tools overseas. However, JK’s prices are significantly higher and the minimum order quantities are slightly higher than our factory in China.

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