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Re: Sorry, no mansions here either,.....Still living in the same 1400sq ft house we raised our 5 kids and 3 of the grand kids. 3 more payments and it will be free and clear.....For vehicles......

Own 7, 4 of which are licensed and insured.

2 1981 Mercury wagons, a cruiser and the racecar

an 86 wagon which will become the new racecar. It is on a Fox chassis

a 91 Merc wagon, former daily driver that will be stripped for parts

a 96 Tahoe, current daily driver/tow vehicle

an 01 Mercury Gran Marquis, wifes daily driver with only 80K miles

an 02 Mercury LSE, show car with custom paint and interior

Hmmmm....I must like Mercurys. Just turned out that way.

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