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I built a 66 Chevy Suburban to send to my best friend since first grade

His Uncle drove one and I thought he'd like a "memory out of our growing up days. I had no issues except fiddling with the good and hood hinges, I never got the hood to close fully accurately, but he loves it and says it really did bring back memories for him, now with my still partial paralysis of the left hand I did a marginal job on the seat upholstery decals, but the kit is really good in my opinion, his Uncle's sub. was white so I did not paint it, but polished the white plastic and waxed it. I don't think his uncle had W.W. tires but they were too nice to not use? The side emblems for the front fenders are a bit thick so I sanded the backs more than just removing the chrome plating, those emblems are a nice touch.

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