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Re: Since there seems to be a lot of people who want more kits like this, what would be the "business case" for not doing it? From a bean counter's perspective, that is.

A couple of things:

1. Do we have to get another license to do this?
If that answer is yes, the cost goes up ...

2. Can we get multiple versions from this project - do they engage other kits?
I can see at least 2-3 future expressions of the Nova that would ...

3. Will distributors see the merit and put their orders in right away? How hard to we have to sell it?
Lots of great ideas went on the rocks when the response was 'meh'... while you can jawbone them into taking product, if it sits you lose big face.

4. Are we re-doing a kit that is truly worth the effort - or are we making the same mistake all over?
We tend to have a blind spot on kits that we loved, but were pretty marginal at the time. Nova gets a pass; it was always a Craftsman. Expectations are high, now.

5. Will this have legs for future re-releases?
Is it an evergreen subject for modelers (trucks, for example) or does it hit just hit a sweet tooth in the hobby for a while and wear off?

6. Will this increase favorable opinion for us as a company... give confidence to equity partners we are spending their money well?
You're as good as the last project - last thing you want is a year or two of duds in a row. They will find new leadership in a hurry.

7. Related to above - what does it do to build our brand, what are we telling modelers we want to be known for?
Round 2 has cast their lot in the hobby as the re-release kings... so I could see it if the project is right.

To be fair, any new kit would have to hit the same standards to be a winner - to do something over vs. doing something new with all the attendant cost and research is a pretty open-and-shut case, but it has to be the right one, where there is legitimate 1:1 interest in the car over time, as well as a gap in the hobby that is really not filled.

Nova and F-85 are great examples... Novas have been customized and collected since the invention of the Nova. Stawags are 'cool' now, much more so than in the day. Olds kits of any type are rare, and the GM A-Body is a layup... parts can move around for greater detail without a ton of effort.

I don't want to jinx my favorites by blurting them out, but I could make a pretty good case for a few vintage Ford/Mercury products, particularly if the scope includes MPC.

And that's what I have to say about that...

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