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We went out to the tow yard yesterday and got all his personal stuff out, insurance company supposed to have it picked up soon so the adjuster can take a look at it...

...I told them I hope they total it. It's an 05 Mazda 6S with the 3.0 V-6 and was a great little car. But it has almost 180,000 miles and I would consider it fair condition prior to the crash. It would require a new rear clip, and I just don't see them spending that much on a car that old with that high mileage. For those who didn't read my original post, he was on a two lane road and came up on a Nissan Versa that had for whatever reason had stopped in the middle of Trey's lane. Trey was far enough back that he was able to stop safely, but a 2007 Ford 500 slammed him in the rear sending him into the back of the Nissan. Basically, he was the meat in the sandwich. There were a few minor injuries, but everybody is OK. It was actually fortunate, there were some little kids in the Nissan, and I'm afraid if the Ford had hit them as hard as it hit our car, injuries probably would have been worse. The Mazda soaked up most of the impact and it shows. Funny thing though, when we were out there yesterday I stuck the key in and it fired right up. Tough little car!!

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