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It is a 1969 Beaumont Custom. . . .

There was a Beaumont Sport Deluxe which was the equivilant of the Chevelle SS396. It would have had the SS hood which this one doesn't. The Beaumont was also available in base model and Deluxe trim. Canadian Pontiac dealers in the 60's had a similar lineup to the Chevrolet dealers. Where Chevrolet dealers sold Chevrolets, Chevelles and ChevyIIs/Novas, Pontiac dealers sold Pontiacs which looked like US built Pontiacs, but had Chevrolet engines, frames. suspension, etc., Beaumonts were Chevelles with different grills, tail lights, trim, etc. and Acadians were Chevy IIs/Novas with different grills, etc. 1969 was the last year for Beaumonts as that year Canadian Pontiac dealers started selling Lemans/GTOs as a result of the Canadca/US auto pact.

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