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I knew that and have a 58 Edsel kit which come to think of it don't think I've ever opened. Can't remember buying much AMT since then except for the 25 T double kit (unopened) and the 65 Galaxie which was in the stuff I had stolen a couple of years ago. For the most part

the kits from all the Round 2 reissues that are things I'm interested in I usually already have several in various boxes and for a lot of them going back to still having a mint original issue. That's a major part of why I don't get all excited about most of their kits coming out, especially when I wasn't interested in them to start with. The few I would be interested in like the 63 Falcon Craftsman, 63 Thunderbird, 65-66 Mustang 2+2, and 67 Cougar I guess are long gone; but with the exception of the Falcon have unbuilt originals.

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