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2017 NNL Nats Cult Theme is Vintage Beach Racing! Details Inside.... *PIC*

UPDATE 11 August 17:
Reminder.....reposting the notification below as the 2017 NNL Nats is two months from this weekend....2017 Cult Theme is "Vintage Beach Racing", inspired by the Race of Gentlemen and other vintage hot rod racing events here in the States and oversea....

One update from the text originally posted here in December, 2016 and reprinted below - we're relaxing the 1/1 scale stipulation about no headlamps.....if you already have headlamps, no need to bust them off your models. If you want to put scale tape or screens on them, cool but not required either. IE Let's have FUN with this Cult Theme.

See you in October! TIM
The 2017 NNL Nats Cult Theme is "VINTAGE BEACH RACING". This theme was inspired in part by the favorable reaction of many 2016 NNL Nats participants to John Strick's '27 T Turtledeck "Gow Job" model displayed there (and pictured below).

You've probably heard of "The Race of Gentlemen" and perhaps other similar vintage-themed events here in the States and overseas. These events highlight pre-WWII "gow jobs" and early postwar "hot rods". We've decided to base our "Vintage Reach Racing" Cult Theme on a similar approach.

Visit the Race of Gentleman website, and you'll see some basic restrictions for entries there. General guidelines are 1934 or older car bodies, American makes only, and 1948 or older engines (1949-53 Ford Flatheads also OK). No early postwar OHV V8's, alternators, automatic transmissions, disc brakes, etc.

Other guidelines are no headlights, no whitewalls, no fenders on hot rods, and the addition of visible race numbers (but no modern era graphics).

Era-correct speed parts, modified bodies, chopped tops, channel jobs, etc. are encouraged.

We'll have a "friends of Vintage Beach Racing" section next to the Cult Theme for "street driven" era-correct cars that meet all requirements except the "no headlights, add race numbers" stipulations above. Motorcycles that meet The Race of the Gentlemen rules for bikes will also be welcome (quick...someone find the vintage Henderson Motorcyle that came in the 1966 release of MPC's 1932 Chrysler Roadster kit!)

Cult Theme Models should be in 1/24th and 1/25th scale only, please.

(For all other hot rod models and bikes, there will still be the normal Hot Rod/Street Rod and Motorcycle display sections in the main NNL event).

With the recent activity in the 1/1 scale hot rod world, and the various new and reissued model kits (i.e. check out the speed parts in the Round 2 AMT '29A Roadster Double Kit), this Cult Theme is ripe for your creativity and scale craftsmanship.
As with prior NNL Cult Themes, there are no "awards", just the pride and camaraderie that go with being a Cult Theme participant. We'll also do a full photo album for Tim Boyd's annual NNL Fotki Album coverage.

Consider this your invitation to join the "Vintage Beach Racing" Cult Theme at the 2017 NNL Nats in Sylvania, Ohio.