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Often imitated... Never Duplicated.... This week's edition of Friday Evening Randomness starts in 5..... 4.... 3... 2..1....... ENJOY!!! *PICS*

 photo 6-19-16 027.jpg

 photo 6-21-08093.jpg

 photo 6-23-09009.jpg

 photo IMG_9763.jpg

 photo 05-07-2017-0248.jpg

 photo 7-29-7211.jpg

 photo 8-29-09108.jpg

 photo 05-07-2017-0195.jpg

 photo IMG_7296.jpg

 photo 8-1-09014.jpg

 photo IMG_6588.jpg

 photo 7-12-08087.jpg

 photo 05-07-2017-0114.jpg

 photo 17.jpg

Number 3 in that series of cool old photos that I scored at an estate sale a few weeks ago.

 photo 8-23-08231.jpg

 photo S4021301.jpg

 photo 6-19-16 111.jpg

 photo 11-17-07047.jpg

 photo 6-21-08370.jpg

 photo 6-23-09029.jpg

 photo 05-07-2017-0103.jpg

 photo IMG_7407.jpg

 photo 6-9-07178.jpg

 photo IMG_6644.jpg

 photo 8-1-09027.jpg

 photo TD-1.jpg

 photo 7-12-08175.jpg

 photo 8-29-09284.jpg

 photo 6-21-08037.jpg

 photo 6-19-16 213.jpg

 photo IMG_9750.jpg

 photo 05-07-2017-0158.jpg

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