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Every now and again, my weird sense of humor just hijacks my whole brain. *PIC*

I started this a week ago. We have a model contest coming up this weekend, and one of our guys is a real Ghostbusters fan. I found this Alternomad in one of the cartons I bought recently and the idea just hit me.

I'm still working on fitting some small parts but this was far enough along that I thought I'd post a photo.

I call it the "Ectomad."

I know, I'm supposed to be working on any number of other projects but this one just tripped my trigger. Not bad for eight days work.

Oddly, the Alternomad has some fit problems I never saw in the Caprice and Impala kits. Don't know that I'd build another one.

But this was fun, and it should be a hit at the contest.



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