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I'm also a Hoosier, and a cyclist...

this bothers me a great deal! I wish your step brother a speedy recovery! There have been more than a few times I was narrowly missed by a mirror from a speeding truck, or a car turning in front of me, or even someone passing me and turning right into my path close to an intersection. Thank heavens I have never been thrown over a hood or hit. Unfortunately most courts side with the vehicle driver because most judges do not ride bicycles. However, motorcyclists have almost exactly the same issues. While riding my Harley, I have been almost run off the road on numerous occasions, was almost hit head on after dark by a motorist that thought that the four lane highway was a two lane, and once sitting at an intersection heard screeching tires behind me, only to look back and see two young girls laughing and talking on their phone. Please, please always share the roadway with others, the life you save is someone's son, daughter, father, mother, or in this case a step brother. Be careful out there.

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