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That came out sometime in the mid 70's IIRC and the impression I got was it didn't sell very well. I guess the Auburn was what was being planned next so it was tabled then. It was into the 80's when I heard the rumours about it. Semi in the series were the 56 Tbird, MGTC and

Jaguar XK-120 in the late 70's and don't think they sold very well either. Guess that was the final stake for any vintage cars. During the 70's the only good seller for vintage seemed to have been the Mack AC. Been trying to remember anything else during that time period and the only things I can remember them even making (other then the few classics and antiques) from mid60's on were a bunch of Tom Daniels junk and some just plain weird stuff plus it was 1/24th. Their big hits came with the Ford race cars and the NASCARs as they started getting into more current and muscle cars and that was into the 80's. Until those came along it had been mainly their military and aircraft models carrying the company.

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