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PIF sort of........

I have been cleaning out and thinning out things since I retired and the stacks are getting bigger not smaller, anyway that leads me to this "Sort Of PIF" I live in Northern Illinois and I have a few Items to give away if you want to come to my house and get them, I am not going to package them and ship them if you want them come and get them the items are 3 bagged MPC Corvette kits all i think are mid to late 70s 1 a convertible is molded in Red, 1 a coupe is molded in Silver, 1 another coupe is molded in black none are painted and I think they are complete none have been painted. The other item is a Revelle Street Rod 3 kit its the one that has a Camaro, Firebird and Mustang . So if your in the Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin area and want them and come and get them we can set up a time and they are yours....most likely I will have a couple other things to toss in as well

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