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we lived in a gated community with a HOA from '92 to '99

WE HAD A LOT OF RESTRICTIONS BUT i NEVER HAD A PROBLEM PAINTING, i USED AN OLD exhaust BLOWER that my friend had removed from a Popeye's fried chicken place. the blower was fine and he fixed me up with a motor and we installed it in my three car garage to exhaust paint spray. I went to an HVLP gun and not only does it reduce overspray tremendously, but reduces paint waste and lays down nicer on the surface as well. Harbor Freight sells one for a good price. I have not painted a 1:1 since we moved in '99. Now we live on 2.34 acres with zero restrictions, but I've got no money to have a 40'X60' steel building that I had planned. The STROKES IN '01 ENDED MY RETIREMENT PLANS TO BUY EVERY OLDER COLLECTOR CAR i CAME ACROSS; quite a few around here, and part them out with organized storage for easy location of parts. Oh well life goes on; Today I got to go pick up a good meal of spaghetti and meatballs at my Knights of Columbus hall then go meet my wife at our church office where she works and eat with her, I then picked up the second gallon I've ever bought of the "magic purple pond" to transfer a '71 'Cuda body that has been soaking in 91% alcohol for 2 months with minimal effect. I had bought the built 'Cuda off e-bay and it really needed refinishing, so I blew it apart and am starting over.

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