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Chevy Moon Truck Update

Got a little bit more work done on the Moon Truck, after sanding and repainting the side trim streaks, I got them onto the truck. Also added the last three sections of the main body streaks, which support the mounting rack for the fuel orbs.

I also got the detail done on the fuel orbs and permanently mounted them. I also used a rubber "O" ring between them, as well as two small rubber foam pads on the rear tie down fixture. Also you can see a little bit more of the 'interior'.

And here is an open shot of the 'interior', as mentioned last week it is a remotely controlled moon truck. So here is what passes for early 1960's tech, cameras, scanners, radar and other do-dads, and lots of wires. I think the main bottom plate was part of the Lost in Space (movie) robot.

I am still mulling over trying to fill the gap between the body and the interior, as it will be a trial and error type of fitting issue. I hope to be able to wrap everything thing up by Thanksgiving, and then get back to work on the Rubber Duck. I do want to make sure that is done for NNL East.

Thanks for all the great comments last week!

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