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Full Coverage including builders' names - built models at the NNL Motor City earlier today.... *LINK* *PIC*

The model car display at the NNL Motor City continues to grow in size and quality each year. This year's themes were Camaros and Firebirds, and Long Roofs, with excellent turnouts for both themes. Jim Drew, Ted Lear, and several other modelers had very large displays of their work. A big buzz was that the models of the late Jack Pennington resurfaced at a vendor yesterday at $50 a piece, and in some state of disrepair. Fortunately, they were hastily grabbed by several modeler/caretakers who knew exactly what they were. They repaired some damage, and put them on display toward the end of the morning. His work looks every bit as stunning today as it did years ago when he created them. Thanks to you guys for this high-stakes rescue!!!

As many of you know, I place a high value on identifying the builders of the models I photograph. This time, rather than listing the name under each photo, I did what we (the staff of Street Rodder magazine) used to do when we photographed major events like the Street Rod Nationals. After each photo of a model, the next photo that follows is a closeup of the entry form with the builder's name. Hope this ensures credit where credit is due.

While I've attended the NNL Motor City since its beginning, this is the first time I've photographed the model display. I saw entries from Wisconsin, Canada, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, and there were probably other states represented as well. Congrats to the DAAM (Detroit Area Auto Modelers) and all the participants in the NNL Motor City this year.

As usual, I recommend using the "Roll" feature so you can quickly scroll through the pictures and builder credits. Thanks for looking....- TIM

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