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Revell '29 A PIX

Body/Chassis--Testors Fiery Orange

Engine--Testors Dark Bronze Metallic. Various Testors Metallizers. R & D Unique Spark Plugs. Plug Boots--DM 1" Radiator Hose. Plug Wire--DM Racing Plug Wire. Scratched Dip Stick (barely visible on driver's side).

Interior--Testors Dark Bronze Metallic. Tamiya Pearl White. Scale Motorsports Upholstery Decal--Tamiya Flat Clear over it for contrast. MCG gauges.

Wheels & Tires Stock. Baby Moons--Parks by Parks. Valve Stems--RMCoM.

Windshield Frame--Inside edge chrome scraped off, colored with black artist pen to replicate weather stripping. Glass rubbed out with Meguiar's Plastic Polish.

Radiator--flat black wash for depth (wish they would have molded this separately).

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