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Good evening guys. I am working on what I think are two old builtups of the AMT '72 Chevelle. I have questions...

The bodies, interiors and chassis are not identical. Could one have come from a kit and perhaps the other from another source? Did MPC do any annuals of the early 70's Chevelles? I know they did a '71 and '72 but I'm not sure if one of these may be an MPC. One of the cars has a 1972 rear bumper. Comparing the bodies the wheelbase is slightly off and one has turn signal lenses on the lower front fenders while the other does not. Also, one has two posts inside the body for mounting the windows and interior while the other had the small center pin for the rear tab of the interior. Even the door handles are different lengths. The interiors have similar upholstery patterns but one has a molded in rear seat and console and larger pedals molded into the floor, while other has separate seats and separate console. I'm thinking that I may have an MPC and an AMT. Any thoughts?
Bob Kremer

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