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The MPC Street Funny kit series was based on 1971- release street cars (more)

Vega hatch, Chevelle and GTO, all with side exhaust zoomies, blowers through the hood, roll bars, air dams and big slicks out back with altered or funny car front rolling stock.
Vega and GTO had tinted blue windows, but can't find any confirmation that the Chevelle did as well. Generally they were street/stock kits with the special Street Funny parts.
The GTO had an interesting duck tail rear spoiler which I don't believe was included in any other MPC GTO. Had the Vega when it was first released and built it like the side box art : black with red interior. Long gone now....trying to piece together parts and box art from the web to build all three as tributes to those wild, but somewhat impractical, street racers.
Box art is fairly easy to find on the web, but not the instructions.

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