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A friendly warning. If you're planning on participating in the auction by Toys Trains and Other Old Stuff - see the full page ad in Scale Auto - DON'T

The auction is not run honestly and early on-line bids are ignored.

Last year I signed up and placed bids on numerous kits and built-ups
prior to the actual auction. There were two 60 El Camino builds and
I bid on both. One sold for more than my bid, but the other sold AT MY BID and
I was told I was not the winner.

After numerous e-mails and being told that I was an idiot and did not understand
how an auction worked, I was finally told that a LIVE bidder on auction day bid the
same price as my high bid and that people who showed up were given priority over
those who were lazy and bid on-line early. Normally, the live bidder should have been told
there was already a bid at that price and they needed to bid higher.

I know Tom had a problem with some of his bids as there was no clear indication that
when bids go over $100, the bid increment is $10, not $5.

Just trying to save someone else for falling into this trap.

Tom, you can delete this if you think it best.

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