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Interesting that you bring up the ex-Petersen Publishing/EMAP magazine empire--the LATEST issue of The Rodder's Journal has a story on the Petersen archives, and how it survived the emap years!!

Story covers WHY the archives are historically important, what with the various early Petersen car mags--Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Rod & Custom, Car Craft--covering as much as what was going on in the automotive world (new cars, hot rods and customs, racers,) and documenting it for future use, even if it was just for magazine story research in the early days.

TRJ asked current archivist Thomas Voehringer (who used to post here under the name 'gravedigger'!) to select a few photos from the early days, to show what the archives have. A few shots of the old building ('5959'), a few track photos, and a few random photos. He, David Freiburger, and one or two others relate the history, evolution, and problems (staffers removing old photos for their personal use, occasional office cleanouts to the trash, etc.), and how it managed to survive ALL of the various "owners" like emap and Source Interlink (Source Interlink's history is also covered in the latest Mustang Monthly, which is the 40th Anniversary issue of that mag!)

Interestingly...TRJ did NOT mention the current run of Hot Rod Deluxe, as a showcase for old Petersen photos...
The story does dovetail nicely with what I've read about the archives over the years.

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