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Translation inside

The translation is as follows:
1. The name comes from a television show. 2.Only 600 cc car with duallies 3.fenders are closed 4.6 different curvatures 5. Seats are cut like carpenter squares
6.2 speed transmission 7.The hands and feet of the hood ornament are taken from an ant 8.the windows are unique in thickness and in color.
9. it has 6 mirrors 10. I lost track of this one.11. painted by hand 12. Done without plans 13. no year for the car(one off).14.1,653 screws 15. Paint is
custom mixed 16. No documentation 17. The carpet is from mattress coverings. 18.The rear suspension is fixed. 19. The steering wheel is neither round
or square. 20.No marking (no name) 21.And there are other things that will be found

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