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Chassis up on wheels!

1959-64 White 4000TD.
Fuel tanks are from the AMT Mack R. Dave Natale was kind enough to send along two similar looking fuel thanks, which are beautiful, but still too small! Front wheels are from the AMT Ford C800; rears from the Autocar dump truck.

The engine is from the Opel Blitz kit, but the model will be curbside. I just wanted something to mimic the White Mustang engine from underneath. Chassis is scratchbuilt. The rusty spots you see ont he sides of the fuel tank are a test of the method Ken Hamilton described in his latest Tips 'n Tech column in Scale Auto.

I still need to add brake lights! Brake cans are there, and air lines will be added.

This is the inspiration for the project. This truck is also a 1959-1965 White 4000, but has the custom cab. The fleet is Trans Cold Express, a Dallas-based fleet. If anyone has a pic of the logo, I'd appreciate seeing it in better detail. The final model will be similarly weathered!

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