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Did a little more digging in the GTO boxes

The spoiler is from the "Judge" funny car and can be found in the recent R2 and Model King releases. Front wheels and Denman front tires are also in the FC, as well as the blown Pontiac. Rear wheels are tough to call - look to me like they might be the deep American 200S "Coke Spokes" but can't be 100% sure about that. Rear custom pan was a custom part from the kit, front spoiler was a onesie from heck knows where. If anyone has a pair of the mufflers, PM me and MLRC will run a few courtesy sets for you before placing them on the market; ditto the hood scoop.

Technically, you could use the '69 GTO to do the same trick if you can score a '69 interior, but, if you were to switch it out for the more common '70 (not easy to find these days) or the very common '72, don't think anyone would call you a liar.


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