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They need to be baked...

And then need to be x-rayed IIRC.

Thought I recalled seeing AJ Foyt's machinery in NASCAR with the chrome wheels, etc, he loved his cars to look like show iron. He had a brand image to project in any number of directions (grin)

The problem with Herbie's wheels were that the offsets were too close to the disc brake rotor hats, and the rim would flex enough in the turns to scrub off the bleeder screws. No brakes, end of day. That may have been merciful; Team Associates needed a legit 366" speedway engine program to be competitive, and only Chevy (which was very much not in racing) could afford a full on 358" racing program like that at the time (grin.)

As to the colors for the wheels, etc, I'm coming back around to not chroming anything other than Cragars or Keystones - the last few chrome racks have come back so blinding I can't make out what the wheel really is. Thinking that stripping and spraying is a much better way to go.

It's for sure the thing to do with the typical snap-on stainless wheel cover. I did a test with SpazStix Mirror Chrome over black on a set from a '67 Galaxie, with a light wash and a dab of red - show quality IMO, dead-on.


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