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Finished Model - 24 Hour Build

I have been involved with Gary Kulchock's 24 Hour Build the past few years. This year I was haunted by the thoughts of this '54 Ford pickup that sits not far from my home. As implied, the 24 Hour Build has a time limit, so one must carefully choose their kit so that it has enough detail and parts to be a challenge but is feasible to finish in 24 straight hours. I chose the new Foose Ford Pickup kit. Pretty much put the two together since both have a 1954 grille on them!

And at 11:45am on Sunday I finished up my model! The Foose kit is simple enough, and well engineered enough that one could build it quicker. But of course I spent a lot of time with the paint... 4 different colors to allow for the wet sanding effects. My rust work and even wood graining the bed. I was having fun so I paced myself.

The only detail I didn't complete was placing the door handles. By the appointed time I did not have the patience, steadiness or eye sight to do that. So I finished those in a half hour during the week. I was amazed at how well that went when well rested and fresh. The door handles are supposed to just sit in little depressions, but I didn't see that as sturdy so I went my usual way of drilling them out and inserting mounting pins.

Although the 1:1 truck had severe rust in the running boards... in fact the right side one was near gone! I didn't want to go that far on my replica. So I did some rust to give the idea but left them structurally sound.

Keeping with the theme I used the Foose interior but in my own color scheme. The kit had decals to create a two tone, but I went my own way. I did spend precious time in two toning along with the required tape job.

The entire drive train is straight from the kit. That's the engine, but I painted mine Ford blue instead of the correct black. Keeping with the theme, the paint is clean under the hood. I wired the engine with some ancient prewired distributor that was in my stash and used a Parts By Parks aluminum air clean that I liked better. Hey it's my model!

Again this is the kit chassis which is nice and assembles easily. Once the engine was securely in place I was surprised that the exhaust just snapped into place. The kit glass also snapped in and stayed without glue. A great kit feature! The one problem with my kit was that the front tires were formed poorly. I went on to finish by using them, but I will replace them. See the cupping in the photo.

And a shot showing the wood graining in the bed. Yes, I did mask off all those runners. I did nice wood since the 1:1 truck, for all it's rusty glory, had new bed wood installed.

So that's what you get in 24 Hours. I am quite pleased with the results as it isn't any worse than models I put many, many more times into! I've also learned a lot during these builds, such as preplanning, setting time goals and working in a better organized manner. A lot of those learned skills now make me a better modeler.

I do have progress shots taken all night long, as we all communicated through the FaceBook group throughout the build. I did take periodic breaks for food and to check on the progress of others. As you work it's fun thinking there are about 100 modelers across the country and Canada doing the same thing right then! And nothing like posting progress photos at 3am and immediately getting comments and encouragement. I'll be doing it again next year!

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