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Replica Bodies Were Sold...
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In 2002 Robert and Suzanne Williams, who owned the original mold for the Outlaw, offered the members of the Roth Estate in conjunction with, Rat Fink.Org and Kustom Art Studios to use Ed's original mold for a series of newly produced bodies that were going to be made, with proceeds from the sale going to the Roth Estate. As they didn't want to stress out the original mold, Jimmy C repaired the original mold, popped out a male buck from that before he pulled a female mold for the production. The cost of a body was $3,700.00, while the nose piece was sold for $1,260.00. All components were numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity. One of the first second generation body kits were sold to Mark Morarity who cloned the Outlaw. Another Outlaw clone was built by Fritz Schenck.

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