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I once read/heard, that they invested in one molding machine too many and then sales dropped...

Anyway in most cases bad management causes companies to fail, cuz they don't give a rat's behind behind, for the company, they're just looking for a higher pay grade.
I'm sure the guy who ordered the taillite retool by removing the clear red inserts and engraving them into the rear bumpers, was applauded (red got a raise) for showing initiative, while the operation costed far more then it making money, then I'm not even talking about toyishing your product line and making it harder to detail paint.
A wise and cost effective way to eliminate the extra molding machine and operator, would have been to attach the red clear parts to the clear parts (windows) tree.
Also the two piece tires is an example how to further downgrade your product line, Monogram didn't, neither did MPC go along with this typical Wall Street panic mode, whenever an event happens or is rumored to happen.

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