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2017-10-15 Orphan Car Show Phoenix, got caught up on that show now. Includes some Kaiser Club shots since this always our first meeting of the winter season...and with the help of some of the Willys people this year we beat out the Hudson and Studebaker clubs for attendance. *LINK* *PIC*

Guess the Road Runner is an orphan now.

Club parking row. The Henry J built on a Fox Mustang chassis doesn't exactly ring my bell, can tolerate the 54 Kaiser convertible creation except for those JC Whitney portholes on the side. And the 53 Traveller's rear window is still up in the rafters.

Getting ready for lunch and the club business meeting

Devin Corvair built in 1963. This one really rings my bell.

I like Avanti's, don't like the way this one has been done. Never saw it again so can only hope its actually an Avanti II and not an original.

A 1910 Hudson Fore-Door Roadster that had just been recently discovered and had gotten it running for the show.

Citroën 1956 11 BL, one of the final variations in the Traction Avant series before the introduction of the DS19

Parked on the street as I was heading out a 2016 (or 17) Tesla Model S

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