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Model Display advice needed Please..

Morning guys and Happy Sunday I am going to have to get more displays. Right now I have 3 stand-up cases with Plexiglas fronts that hold 10 each, a 3 shelf case with glass front that has 48 in it and a bunch of individuals from several manufactures. I have 24 die cast and plastic that I have to get in cases, plus I have about 100 other built kits as well as a couple of hundred promos, all of which I would like to have in cases of some type I have been looking at wall hung cases that hold 21 for a little under a hundred bucks each so about 15 of those or $1500 bucks. the individual case at about $10 bucks is more than double at around $3400 bucks. I really want my displays to look nice and most likely be wall mounted in my hobby room. Does anyone have any more cost effective ideas?????

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