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there are a few options...

I repurposed a stereo cabinet with glass door-holds bout 40 and a gun cabinet with glass door-holds bout 50. I did add shelving but fairly simple to cut a 1 x 8

you can search yard sales, flea markets, facebook, etc fot these items as well as glass fronted curo cabinets.

since you stated you were looking at wall mounted storage you could hang full length(no cutting) 1 x 8's on wall with shelf brackets...then build sides(no cutting if you can be 8 feet high...then measure carefully and have plexiglass cut at glass shop and hold plexi in place with small wood screws

2 years ago I built 6 x 8 self standing case that would hold 150 if all space was used for models for $400-ish out of 1x 10's, plywood and plexiglass. took a bit of time to plan out but cuts were simple...I only used a skilsaw and they as you know have built in safety guard on blade.

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