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Chicago World of Wheels plus Ferrari Expo *LINK* *PIC*

As I am back in the Chicago area working the next phase of our move, the “Boss” allowed me to go to the Chicago World of Wheels and Ferrari Expo. The World of Wheels had some interesting cars, including the Ridler Award Winner and Troy Trepanier’s Battle of SEMA Builders winner. I have to admit that although each had some interesting features, neither was a standout to my eyes.

I then drove over to the Ferrari Expo and swap meet and just missed getting photos of a 250 GT Lusso as it was leaving the parking lot as I arrived. But, in the garage area of the Dealership, amongst other vehicles were a LaFerrari, 812 Superfast and Lancia Stratos. I did find a couple of items at the swap meet that are going right into an open hobby box for the move.

Both are combined in one album, the first 200 odd pictures are the World of Wheels and the remainder the Ferrari Expo.

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