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Tiny Transporter Update and (whatelse) another new project.

So last weekend no modeling got done, since we had no power most of the weekend. The plan was to hit it hard this weekend, but..... Anyway I did get some work done on the Transporter, mostly suspension and other details. I spent a couple hours on an under body air diverter, but really can't see much of it in this pic. But I digress.....

I ran across a few Speedway Christmas Promotionals, I was waiting for them to go on sale and stopped by to fill up and they were down to $4.99! They had three and I took them all. I saw these around Thanksgiving, they looked good, so they were on my radar. I was shocked to find out they were made by First Gear! After removing like 40 screws I got the cab removed from the rest of the truck. I had a couple of thoughts, but the first was DuraStar Pickup.

I used two 1/20 scale S-10 beds, the first was the standard bed, and then I cut the sides from the sportside bed and grafted them onto the standard bed, effectively creating a dually bed. I never liked the bed on the IH CTX truck, not only was it lifted directly from another truck, the wheel openings just aren't right. I traced the front wheel opening on the DuraStar and used it as a pattern for the rears. I think it a a much better look.

Of course I had to graft the `INTERNATIONAL' into the tailgate. I was thinking about building a recess into the side of the bed just behind the cab. But I think straight pipes in the bed will work fine.


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