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On the bench: '56 Ford and..... *PIC*

This. An MGB. In British Racing green, no less. Yet another stalled project.

It's an Aoshima kit. The one I bought cheap was the later rubber bumper version (or 'uretane', as the box called it), but it had all the parts needed for the earlier version too. So that's what I went with.

One flaw. The later version's suspension was raised (to get around bumper height regs!), so it sits noticeably high. But it'll be a cute little thing anyway.

Name another kit that gives you a choice between a radio-delete blanking plate (with decal emblem) OR a radio (with decal face)!

It comes with three roofs: an uptop (all in clear), a down-top, or a tonneau cover with the driver's side portion rolled back. Never seen that in a kit before!

And it comes with a choice of photoetch emblems or decals. Fun.

Progress on the '56 - nearly there! It now has bumpers.
I could call it done, but I need to attach the battery, radiator hose, and three little chrome doodads.....

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