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Since you are not into scratch building anything and have a tight budget, along with the things mentioned already other sources are used furniture and office furniture stores. Probably tough to find wall mounted pieces but you might rearrange for floor space. The assemble

it yourself stuff usually does not require anything more than a screwdriver and/or an allen wrench so you might find something along those lines you could tackle successfully. They typically come in 30"w x 72"h x 11 1/2"d and range from very basic shelving to some with trim at the top and on the face of the shelves and come in various finishes: black, white, walnut, and occasionally other wood grain "looks" like maple or oak. They vary in price with quality and trim but are relatively inexpensive. If you want glass or plexiglass enclosures those are, of course, in a separate ball park, although you could add glass or (sturdy) plexiglass shelves into the assemble it yourself units. Good luck.

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