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SOMETHING UGLY ON THE BENCH.........Did a bit more sanding on it last few days then I took it to the dealership and went in the back and sprayed some primer............DANG THIS IS UGLY. PICS and thanks for looking

This may be ugly but the Monkeemobile is even uglier. I was just screwing around on day and this is what I have in the meantime I ended with a dare with RandFink to see how these would end up. Randy has a good start on his (think it's in primer) maybe he'll see this post and post his.

 photo 100_7666_zpspjwhysra.jpg
 photo 100_7665_zpsgkcaaxuw.jpg
 photo 100_7664_zpshbdrhqam.jpg
 photo 100_7663_zpse0mmhqo4.jpg

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