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A void in kits

We have a good selection of Chevrolet cars of the '50s available. I am a Ford lover and have the '56 and '57 Fairlanes, the '60 Starliner and '61 hardtop. We have no readily affordable '62 Fords. I am not a fan of the '58mFord. But if available I'd have to add one or two just for continuity of the '40s Fords, I have the '49 coupe, and the '50 convertible kits, It ought to be an easy addition for AMT to convert the '49 and '50 kits to a ''51 in various body styles, too. Lindbergh could use the '53 Ford kits and put out a '52 and '54 with minimal additional pars. I guess I'll simply have to bre happy with what is available and be happy.
I've never bought a resin kit and likely won't because of finances, we're still reeling from the co-pay on my two cataract surgeries and my wife's one bridge hit us with a big dental bill. Perhaps after several months of financial recovery, I'll look for resin solutions to the '51 and '58 Fords?
Even though the '58 is one of my least favorite years, it was the last year before the introduction of the name "Galaxie" and like Chevy was a one year body style, the unique four oval taillights make it a significant year as well; Ford, of course, had round taillights before and after '58. While on the subject of significant Fords, I'd love a kit reissue of the '60 Falcon and '62 new intermediate six cylinder Fairlane.

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