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You know... If you take about a foot out of the front and a foot and a half out of the back - give or take - it might not look too crazy. See my very rough revised version... *PIC*

I am not proficient with photo editing so I just scooted cut out rectangles around and then used clone brush to blend them a little. Then I resized it way down enough to get it below 20 so I could post it from my computer since I have no photo site. So... it is a bit hard to tell, but you get the general concept. The exaggerated features of the nose and tail are still the same dramatic shapes, but the overall ridiculous length is reduced to at least some sense of "normalcy". I did not try to draw in the door and trunk lines, but they could be scribed into the model. I would also level the car to look more sports car like instead of the rake, but if the rake were kept, then the front wheel fender openings could be enlarged a bit. It took me quite a while to get this far but copying the rear wheel and opening into the front and flattening the shadow would aid visualizing the level sports car look if one wanted to see the difference.

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